The call for the symposia proposals was sent by email on June 5, 2019, to members of EurBee (everyone who participated in the last meeting of EurBee 8 in Ghent) with a deadline of one month. The Scientific Committee reviewed all proposed topics and selected symposia chairs. Accordingly, symposia and confirmed chairpersons proposed by the Scientific Committee for the EurBee9 Congress in Belgrade are:

Symposium (Chairpersons)

01. Genetics and genomics (Alice Pinto, Martin Hasselmann)

02. Ecology and biodiversity (Maria Bouga, Pilar de la Rúa)

03. Pathology (Uroš Glavinić, Anne Dalmon, Joachim de Miranda)

04. Immunity (Jevrosima Stevanović, Silvio Erler)

05. Nutrition (Mathieu Lihoreau)

06. Microbiota (Asli Özkirim, Eva Forsgren)

07. Neuroethology (Ricarda Scheiner)

08. Ecotoxicology, pesticides (Alpar Barsi, Johannes Lückmann)

09. Pollination and bee flora (Arnon Dag)

10. Pan-European research networks (Mark Brown, Dirk de Graaf)

11. Quantitative genetics, reproduction and bee breeding (Pierre Giovenazzo)

12. Communication and chemical ecology (Ulrich Ernst)

13. Monitoring bees (Manuela Giovanetti)

14. Open (for abstracts do not fit a symposium theme) (Scientific Committee)