Scientific Submissions

The scientific committee welcomes contributions for oral communications or poster presentations.


The submitted abstracts will go through a blind review process and will be evaluated based on:

  • Clarity of the aim and experimental design.

  • Novelty and scientific quality.

  • Relevance of the topic and the results.

Abstract Submission

(Please, use the above link to fill online Abstract form)

General Instructions

Please indicate whether you wish your abstract to be considered for:

    • oral presentation

    • poster presentation

    • oral or poster presentation (no-preference)

To allow efficient handling of abstracts, authors are requested to submit their abstract in one of the Symposia and are requested to submit 3 keywords. The scientific committee reserves the right to switch abstracts to other symposia.


01. Genetics and genomics

02. Ecology and biodiversity

03. Pathology

04. Immunity

05. Nutrition

06. Microbiota

07. Neuroethology

08. Ecotoxicology (pesticides)

09. Pollination and bee flora

10. Pan-European research networks

11. Quantitative genetics, reproduction and bee breeding

12. Communication and chemical ecology

13. Monitoring bees

14. Open (for abstracts that do not fit a symposium theme)

Abstract format

  1. Abstracts must be in English and submitted on-line

  2. Abstract format:

    • Abstract title: should be in CAPITAL LETTERS

    • Authors: the names of the authors should be listed in the following order: Last name, First name, Department, Institution, City, Country.

    • Abstract body: the abstract body should contain maximum 350 words, prepared according to this template and submitted in MS Word (*.doc; *.docx; *.rtf) format.

  3. The use of tables, graphs, diagrams, images and embedded videos in the abstract submission is not allowed.

  4. Use standard abbreviations. Please explain special or unusual abbreviations the first time they appear.

  5. Notification of acceptance will be dispatched by email by August 1, 2022

Abstract Timeline

Abstract submission deadline: July 15, 2022

Notification of acceptance: August 1, 2022, postponed to August 7, 2022!

Please use the same name and email address for 1) Conference Registration, and 2) Abstract Submission.

NOTE: With submitting an abstract you are NOT automatically registered as participant. Use the registration form to register.